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Multi-Media, PowerPoint & Online Training Resources

  1. Videos
    a.  SMS Videos (& FAA videos)
              Introduction to SMS Video (Flight Standards) (WMV)
              ATOS Video Part 1 - An Overview of Air Transportation Oversight System (ATOS) 1.2
              ATOS Video Part 2
              Managing Error & System Safety by Professor James Reason  (FAA recommended)
              SMS Delta Safety Policy Employee Training Video
              Continental CEO SMS Promotion Video (MITRE site)
              Continental Tech Ops SMS Awareness Training Video (MITRE site)
    b.  Australia, CASA
              Safety Management Why and How to Implement a Safety Management System
              Managing Error and System Safety  (featuring Professor James Reason on Accident Causation Model)
              Surveillance How CASA inspectors audit from a systems safety perspective
              CASA SMS Online Videos (featuring Professors Reason & Hudson videos - excellent)
    c.  Transport Canada, TC
              Transport Canada (TC) Aviation Safety Videos  (multiple videos, some are free to view)
    e.  Helicopter Association International - http://www.rotor.com
              Developing a Safety Management System video


  2. YouTube Videos
         Just Culture (System Safety)     (Sidney Dekker)
         Resilience    (Sidney Dekker)
         Human Factors Basics     (FAA, Dr. Bill Johnson)
         Human Factors Spectacles     (FAA, Dr. Bill Johnson)
         Counting Sleep to Avoid Fatigue      (FAA, Dr. Bill Johnson)
         Managing Human Error   (Dr. James Reason & Error Management Co)
         Why We Make Mistakes and How We Can Avoid Them     (CBS)
         Human Factors and a Simple Way to Address Them     (provincial Government of Alberta)
         Why Do Errors Happen? How Can We Prevent Them?     (Dr. Lucian Leape)


  3. Online Training
    Online training and videos are a great teaching tool.  ATCV believes that initial SMS training for employees should be with live presence (instructors) to not only teach effectively, but it also shows the company commitment to the importance of safety that they are willing to use company resources for training.  Internet based training is
    easily 'clicked through' (I find it hard to stay attentive too),  However, reoccurring training through videos or internet may be effective both in the training component and overall cost to the company.
         FAA Air Traffic Organization (ATO) Human Factors public site training
         SMS e-training for managers  (Flight Safety International, fee based)
         SMS e-training for aviation professionals  (Flight Safety International, fee based)
         Human Factors Course - FAA
         Overview SMS PowerPoint - Transport Canada


  4. SMS PowerPoint's
    ICAO Annex 19 PowerPoint
         FAA System Safety Requirements versus OSHA Regulatory Requirements (AIHA briefing 2008.05.21)
         Safety...the Proactive Way  (ICAO & FAA SMS PowerPoint, March 2010)
         FAA SMS PowerPoint   (FAA NGATS, NextGeneration Air Transportation System)
         TC Overview SMS PowerPoint  (Transport Canada) 
         FAA ATO PowerPoint - Falteisek & Feinberg 08/2008
         FAA ATO Summit 4 SMS Briefing PowerPoint -  Huan Nguyen, Director SMS October 23, 2008
         Overview SMS PowerPoint - Transport Canada






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